Effective Communication in Intimate Relationships


Imagine  a scenario in which two partners are discussing getting tested for  sexually transmitted infections (STIs). In this scenario, the partners  demonstrate through discussion their understanding of the symptoms of  STIs, the methods used to test for STIs, and the way in which STIs are  treated as well as their capacity to engage in effective communication  with one another about this sensitive topic. 

Write  out a role-play conversation between the partners in which they make  use of effective verbal and nonverbal communication strategies  (including active listening, “I” statements, and emotional validation)  to discuss getting tested for and the possibility of getting treated for  STIs. At the end of your role play, produce a brief, 1-paragraph summary of how effective communication was used.

 Your  script should demonstrate accurate knowledge of sexually transmitted  diseases, and how to test for them as well as knowledge of communication  strategies. Use at least 2 references to support your work.