ENGL 203 George Herbert Reflection

  1. Write a short (200ish words) reflection considering your chosen Herbert poem “VIRTUE” in relation to the other Herbert poems you have read, like “The Altar”, “Redemption”, “Easter Wings”, “Affliction(1)”, “Prayer(1)”, “The Temper (1)”, Jordan (1)”ecc…: now that you have read your Herbert poem, re-read it, memorized it, and learned about its historical context, what new facets of your poem have you noticed? How did the process of memorizing and internalizing it help you notice more about it? How did this process compare to how you usually read poetry or other literature? And what you have noticed about Herbert’s overall style? To earn full credit, you must bring in at least one quote from the poem you memorized, and at least one quote from a different Herbert poem that you read for today.