English assignment


Guiding Behavior and Classroom Management


In this assignment, you will demonstrate your understanding of classroom management and guidance strategies.  

There are 4 parts to this assignment.  You will view the resources and videos provided in order to complete this assignment. 

1.  Guiding Behavior

Click on this link to view the resource about Behavior and Classroom Management 

link is :


  1. Give two examples of a child’s motivation for his behavior and how a teacher might approach the child.  
  2. Give four tips for how to state behavioral expectations and why it is important for a child’s social development.  
  3. What is the difference between praise and acknowledgment?  Give an example of praise and acknowledgment. 

2.  Indirect Guidance

Watch this video

link is:


Provide two examples of how the physical space provides an indicator of how to act such as where to sit, traffic flow, etc. For each include a brief description of the physical element and how it provided guidance. 

3. Direct Guidance

Go to this website

link is :


 and watch 5 short Videos: Introduction to Responding to Behaviors, Redirection, Simple Positive Reminders, Firm Reminders, and Choice, and Modeling.  

  • Provide two guidance strategy examples from each video (Redirection, Simple Positive Reminders, Firm Reminders and Choice, and Modeling).  For each include the name of the guidance strategy,  a brief description, and how it is helpful. 
  • Compare two of the guidance strategies from the videos and describe how they are similar and yet different.  Identify an appropriate time to use each strategy. 

4.  Conflict Resolution

View this video of a teacher assisting children with the steps of conflict resolution.  

link is :


Identify the steps of conflict resolution with examples of what you observed.