English composition

Hello all! In this discussion forum, we will be looking at logical fallacies. These are all around us and we often overlook them! Before you complete the assignments for this unit, be sure to read through the outcomes and supplementary materials provided! You will especially want to pay special attention to the Critical Thinking PowerPoint. We will be looking at how the writers and creators of advertising use logical fallacies in their work.

Initial Post
After viewing the do some internet research and locate an advertisement that uses one of the two logical fallacies explained in the PowerPoint. You can use a print advertisement or a television, radio, or internet commercial.

  1. In your initial post, share your link to the commercial you chose. Then address the following:
  2. Why did you choose this advertisement? (USLO 4.2)
  3. What logical fallacy was used in the commercial? (USLO 4.2)
  4. How did they use and show this fallacy? (USLO 4.2)
  5. How effective was the fallacy for the commercial? (USLO 4.2)
  6. As a writer, how can you use critical thinking to ensure that your points are clear and logical? (USLO 4.1)

Your initial response should have your informed input and should be at least 100 words. Your input should be in your own words, demonstrating your understanding and comprehension of the topic. When referring to the Critical Thinking PowerPoint, remember to include an in-text citation and reference in APA 7th-edition format. See examples below.

Response Posts

Then, return to the discussion assignment on a second and third day to respond to your peers’ posts. Your responses should be substantive and generate discussion to further explore the topic(s). You can respond to your instructor or your classmates posts for credit. Each response post should be at least 75 words each, and you should respond to two of your peers

Unit Discussion Requirements

As part of your learning experience, active participation in discussions is essential. An important part of the final grade will be based on your participation. You will be evaluated on the quality and quantity of your participation in the discussion forum that corresponds to the grading rubric.

The initial post and responses should be in your own words and demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and expected level of knowledge. Initial posts and replies should be in complete sentences and in paragraph form. You should not have bullet points as they are not in complete sentences or paragraph form. Copy-pasting may result in a zero.

To fully address the chosen prompt, you will refer to the topical outline of the course syllabus that corresponds with the prompt you select. This will help guide you in demonstrating your understanding of the content while providing a thorough and detailed discussion post. Each prompt or response to a prompt should be more than a few sentences to demonstrate critical thinking. Initial posts must include a minimum of one APA 7thedition style in-text citations and full matching references of appropriate reading to support your responses.

To meet the minimum participation requirements, you will post relevant content 3 different days during the week. The first post is due by day four of the week by 11:59PM, Eastern Time. Once you make the initial post, you will see other peoples posts. You will post replies on at least two additional days by day seven of the week by 11:59PM, Eastern Time.

Reference & Citation Examples:


Waltz, R. (2022). Critical thinking fundamentals [PowerPoint slides]. Galen College of Nursing.

Parenthetical citation: (Waltz, 2022)

Narrative citation: Waltz (2022) presents an overview of critical thinking.