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Important Person Paper

One event that shows why they were so pivotal in your life.

In this paper, you will write a personal narrative on an important person in your life.

  • Make your story vivid. Use all 5 sensessight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.
  • Use definition. Show what an important person is and is not, and show that this person has that.
  • Use cause and effect. Show some cause or problem that this person helped you have an effect on.
  • Have a vivid setting. Make sure this narrative has a specific place and focuses on one event over a short period of time in vivid place. Example: The whole essay takes place at your home. What kind of house is itVictorian or Ranch? What kind of furniture is there?
  • Give your important person an identity. Who are they? What do they look like? Are they tall? Do they have long, brown hair? Or do they have a beard?

  • Be the main character. You are the most vital character in this essay. The important person should only serve a small role by helping you in a jam. You should be the most active participant in the storys main action. What makes the person important is how they made a difference to you in this event?
  • Specifics and details. Be specific and detailed. Using proper nouns, dates, street names, etc. Use prepositions to show locations of where things are.
  • Stay focused. This person needs to be an important part of your life. Use one event that shows why they were so pivotal to you and focus on that. Focus on the one event that shows why this person was so important to you.
  • Conclusion. Show how this event has changed you for the better. Have you tried to pay this forward or done anything similar for someone? Why is everything different after this event where this important person intervened?

Grading Rubric

Basic Writing Skills Shown by Final Draft (100 points possible)

The essay is focused sufficiently around a central idea.

+15 Yes +10 Developing +0 No


The writer develops the central ideas with sufficient details, without getting off focus.

+35 Yes +20 Developing +0 No


The writing is organized in a reader-friendly manner with a clear beginning, middle, and end, though it may all be in one long paragraph.

+10 Yes +5 Developing +0 No


Sentences are clear, though there may be a few isolated spots of minor confusion.

+10 Yes

+5 There are some confusing spots

Up to -10 Significant sentence-level confusion


The writer demonstrates sufficient control of sentence boundaries.

+15 Yes

+10 There are several sentence boundary errors, but they do not confuse the reader.

Up to -20 Significant trouble separating ideas into sentences


Word-level errors (for example, spelling or verb mistakes) occur infrequently and cause only minor confusion for the reader.

+5 Yes

+3 There are many word errors causing minor confusion

Up to -10 Word errors dominate the writing to such an extent that the reader is significantly confused.


The essay is formatted in APA style

+10 Yes +5 Developing +0 No