English Question

1. Discuss your impressions of the social work profession prior to taking this class.

2. Discuss how your impressions of social work have been reinforced and/or expanded as you have completed this course.

3. Identify a field of practice in which you would like to work. Based on what you have learned about this field, what role do you see yourself playing within this field? What education (BSW, MSW, Licensing, etc) will you need to be able to work in this field?

4. Identify the various sources of knowledge, skills, and values necessary for professional social work practice within this field (hint, refer back to your text materials).

5. Reflect on your own strengths. How do you think they will help equip you to work in the social work profession?

6. In what ways do your background and life experience influence your thoughts and feelings about the social work profession? How do you think they will help and/or hinder you? How do you believe you can/will manage this?

7. What may be the challenges you would face in this position? (Personal, professional, resource wise, societally)

8. Final thoughts about the social work profession.

Basically, just answer these questions as if they were being asked to you, if you need any help let me know