English Question

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Write a critical analysis essay on the article.


Please upload ONLY your introduction paragraph (including the Thesis Statement) for your critical analysis essay here.

  1. ONLY introduction paragraph of your Critical Analysis paper.
  2. The Introductory paragraph must have a hook that attracts readers, provide a history or background, and include at the end a clear and underlined Thesis Statement with the three (3) sub-points that will be developed in body paragraphs 2, 3, and 4. Here is an example of how a thesis for a critical analysis paper should be written: E.g. In the short story, “The Man in the Middle,” William Doughty uses emotional appeals, logical reasoning, and sarcasm to prove that religion is relative to an individual’s spiritual upbringing.
  3. Use Times New Roman font.
  4. Do not use informal language: contractions, informal (slang) words/expressions.
  5. Use transitional words: first, another, also, however, therefore, furthermore, etc.