Final Draft, Tattoo Writing Assignment 

Please submit the final draft of the first paragraph here.  You will need to save your paragraph as a Word document and upload the file here.

Before you submit your final draft, be sure to double-check the following.  These are the criteria I will be using to grade your work: 

Review Questions: 

1. Look at the topic sentence. Is it a complete sentence? Make sure that it's not a fragment or written like a "title."  For example, "Three reasons people get tattoos." This would be a fragment. Instead, write: "There are three reasons people get tattoos." This would be a complete sentence. 

2. Look for the first supporting point.  Could you find it easily? Is there a transition?  What is the transition? ____________________

Is there a specific example of this first reason people get tattoos? It should be a detailed description of a tattoo.  Remember, this is an exemplification paragraph, which means there must be specific examples of each supporting point. 

3. Now look for the second supporting point.  What is the transition?  _________________  If it's missing, write one in. 

Is there a specific example for this supporting point?  Is there enough detail?  If no, suggest what could be added to make it "A-level specific." 

4. Find the third supporting point. Transition?  _______________

Is there an interesting specific example of this final supporting point?  Does it need more detail?  Remember, specific writing is interesting writing!  Details like a person's name can help your reader connect with your writing. 

5. Is there a conclusion sentence? 

6. Finally, edit your paragraph the best you can for any errors such as fragments, run-ons, or misspelled words. 

Email me if you have any questions.  

Journal #4 

Journal #4 Prompt:

If you could achieve anything in your life, what would it be? 

Remember to include interesting specific details. 

Type your journal in the MLA format.  You should have a heading with: your name, my name, the course and the date.   You should have a title, and the paragraph should be double spaced. 

Rough Draft for Customer Service Paragraph 

Narrative/Descriptive Writing Assignment 

Compile your information from the scratch outline submitted last week  and create it into a rough draft. The length for this assignment is  ten grammatically correct sentences, and it will need to be typed in MLA format. (Review previous modules for help with MLA formatting).  

Submitting the paper: 

1. Make sure you have saved your documentin Word format. 2. Click on the assignment link. 3. Click on the Browse button. 4. Select the file you want to send and double-click on the file name so thatit appears in the Browse area. 5. Click on the Submit (NOT the Save) button and your file is on its way toyour instructor.