Ethnic Market Ethnography

Cultural Anthropology 102

Extra Credit

Purpose: To introduce students to the anthropological fieldwork methods.

Instructions: Choose a small ethnic market to conduct fieldwork. I prefer if you choose a market of another ethnic group than your own. You will do a comparison and contrast to one of the larger markets like Ralphs, Vons, Stater Brothers, or How’s.

Your work should include for the ethnic market:

1. Small map –

2. General map of the interior. Where different sections are located in the store. Is this different from what you are used to.

3. Describe some of the items found in these sections: produce, meat, cheese, freezer, bread or sweets, any other aisles that you are not likely to find at one of the larger stores.

4. From what ethnic group or groups do the items come….what are they used for?

5. Why, in your opinion, would the larger stores not carry these items?

6. Now look at some of the items that you do find at the larger stores. How do the prices compare…….try produce or fruit prices.

7. Discuss your overall impressions and experience in the 2 markets. How do they compare?

8. What was your experience like with the workers.

9. Include phtots.