Family Stressors and Promoting Resilience

Using the community demographics and childcare/preschool center from your Topic 2 assignment  create a 12-15 slide digital presentation for new teachers to prepare them to appropriately support the needs of the families and children of your center by considering the context of culture and community. 

Using culturally appropriate and professional language, include the following in your presentation: 

Brief introduction of the context, including community and family demographics and a description of the childcare/preschool center.

Explanation of how the cultural context of the local community may influence approaches to parenting.

Description of how the experiences of the families may influence child learning and development and the family unit.

A minimum of three external stressors the families may face and at least one strategy to promote resilience in response to stressors.

At least three strategies to support the families and the growth and development of the children, addressing their social and emotional, language, and academic needs.  

A minimum of four community organizations and agencies that can help support the specific needs of the families and improve the educational outcomes of their children.   

Support your presentation with 3-5 scholarly resources.