Initial Posting:Apply all 5 aspects of the Propaganda Model as presented by Chomsky and Herman, to acurrent issue that interests you that has recently been featured in the mainstream news, andwhich contains clear aspects of propaganda. Use a specific news article for your forum post.Explain your thoughts about how the model does and does not apply to this issue. Does usingthe propaganda model help you to see both sides of the story, and does it help you to considerwhat the issues might lie behind in the presentation of that issue?

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In Manufacturing Consent, Chomsky and Herman discuss a propaganda model, a theory theydeveloped to explain how certain agendas and ideologies are permeated through the media toinfluence the general public. Using the example of the news media, they propose five filtersthrough which the news is presented to the general public:

1) Ownership of the medium (who owns the news source);2) The funding source of the medium (advertisers, private investors, etc.);3) Sourcing (who provides the information and where is it obtained from);4) Flak (criticism of stories/ideas presented in the media, often from organized sources trying topromote or quiet a particular agenda); and5) Anti-communism and fear (Chomsky and Herman discuss anti-communism in particular, butconsider some of the “bad guys” we see discussed in the media today, such as terrorists, thatcan be used to create a sense of fear in the general public).

Response to studentThe news article I chose was from September 2021 on COVID-19 and "Why rushingCOVID-19 booster shots for everyone could do more harm than good." I think that COVID-19has influenced in, what society turned out today and how people will react to a globalpandemic in the future. Here is the article:https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/canada-covid-19-booster-shots-3rd-dose-1.6164614

CBC owns the news source, the government funds CBC, in this specific article Dr. ZainChagla answered some of the questions concerned to COVID-19 booster shots. I found a lotof backlash and negative comments with this specific news article, things like:

– "enough with the needles already"

– "We are trillions of dollars in debt… we are not wealthy, we are worse than broke"


– "Ever get the impression that we're getting far too many "what to do's" about COVID?"

I think the "bad guys" in this article is the doctors; because of COVID many people have diedand I think that produced a lot of fear in the general public, so I think that their fear isportrayed onto the doctors and the people who are trying to help come up with vaccines toprotect the citizens.

I think the propaganda model reflects this issue of COVID-19 perfectly because it has all 5principles of the propaganda model. Both sides of the story are clearly shown in thisissue/article. If CBC News didn't put out this article, we would not be able to see the otherside of the story, which were the concerned citizens that were not for another vaccine! Thisgoes to show that although a vaccine may be good for citizens, there are a lot of people thatdo not agree with the vaccines actually helping. I have my shots, and I have gottenCOVID-19, my view of this issue is not as mainstream as some of the people whocommented on this specific article but I believe the vaccine does help a lot of people.