Fundamentals of Business LawFINAL PROJECT

The AssignmentFor your final project, watch the “Jack’s Waterfront” episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. You will find the link in this Final Project module (if the video does not play, click the “Jack’s Waterfront” link at the top of the page you get. You can also watch it on YouTube at: of the key takeaways you should be getting from this course is how lawyers go about recognizing and solving problems in advance, and an idea of the tools they use to protect business clients.This assignment takes you back in time before the point where the three men in the video started their business. Since you do not know what form of business they have chosen, assume they plan on simply being general partners.

The Assignment (cont’d)In the video, they face several problems that likely arise from a lack of planning. Your assignment is to◦ (1) identify each problem, and explain briefly why it is a problem◦ (2) try to identify what likely caused the problem, and◦ (3) suggest what could have been done in advance to avoid the problem if it

had been foreseen.

You should use the legal concepts you have learned to answer the questions. For example, if you think they should have agreed on something in advance, you might suggest that it be put into a contract, or included in the operating agreement or bylaws of an entity so that the agreement would be enforceable.

The Assignment (cont’d)A good lawyer analyzes a business client’s problems on several levels, and so as you watch the video, ask yourself, “How could X issue cause the business to fail or cause the owners to be liable, and how could it have been avoided?”

There Is no fixed list of problems and “correct” solutions that the instructor is looking for. Instead, you are to use your own knowledge and creativity to spot and answer the problems. You will be graded on how you use your knowledge to address what you see as problems. There is no minimum or maximum length, but if you spot only three problems you’re probably not digging enough, and if you find twenty-five you’re probably overthinking things.

The Assignment (cont’d)You may format your project in any manner you choose, but PowerPoint is a good choice for getting your answers across simply and crisply. Thus, the next page has a template that you can use to format your responses.

Whether you use the template or not, make sure your name is included plainly on the front page of the document you submit.

Your answer should be submitted via Canvas by Sunday, March 6, 2022. As the file name, please use the following format: [YOURNAME] FOBL FINAL PROJECT.

Good luck, and have a great rest of the spring!

Template Sample AnswerPROBLEM: The restaurant manager is potentially harassing female customers. This could lead to the business being liable for sexual harassment. [Note that this brief explanation is all you need to get the point across]

CAUSES: Likely caused by (a) restaurant manager’s insensitivity and (b) lack of guidance and monitoring by the owners. [Note that a particular problem might have more than one cause.]

HOW IT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED: (a) employment agreement specifying harassment as grounds for termination; (b) employee handbook specifying the restaurant’s policy on sexual harassment; (c) appropriate sexual harassment training for staff; (d) monitoring of behavior by owners




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