· Financial Resources

· Buerhaus, P., Skinner, L., Auerbach, D., & Staiger, D. (2017).  .  Nursing Economics35(5), 229‒237.

1. This article presents data regarding the current and projected need for nursing professionals.

. Huckaby, S. (2020).  .  Nephrology Nursing Journal47(5), 457‒461.

2. This article reviews a nontraditional way to request additional full-time equivalent employees.

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3. This article provides a summary of available research on nursing staffing methods and relates them to specific measurable outcomes.

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4. This article describes a three-year process that ended with a patient needs assessment tool to create staffing guidelines in an emergency department in Canada.

. Ogundeju, K. (2020).  .  International Journal of Caring Sciences13(2), 1463–1466.

5. This article discusses an acceptable way to evaluate the value of nursing care.

Human Resources

. Annis, A. M., Robinson, C. H., Yankey, N., Krein, S. L., Duffy, S. A., Taylor, B., & Sales, A. (2017).  .  JONA: The Journal of Nursing Administration47(12), 636–644.

6. This article may be helpful as you address human resources management in your presentation.

Resources: Leadership

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· Leadership

· Grindel, C. G. (2016).  . Medsurg Nursing, 25(1), 9–16.

1. This article discusses the characteristics—and importance—of nurses who exhibit clinical leadership.

. Morrison, J. (2016).  . Nursing Economic$, 34(5), 230–235.

2. The effects of health care finance reform on nursing leadership are explored in this paper.