Flow Chart Exercise

Flowcharts are a good starting point in identifying an organization’s system needs. For this exercise assignment, you will create a flowchart using either Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. If you use PowerPoint, you can record audio (for the narrative requirement) or use your note pages. You will use as many pages or slides as you need to depict the processes accurately.


Flowchart – Current Process

The flowchart will depict an HR process you experienced or are familiar with.  Create a flow chart for your chosen current process as it is done now.  

For example, some tasks that organization may have processes for are filling vacancies, onboarding, performance management, performance evaluation, leave requests, and employee complaints to name a few.

Provide a 300-500-word narrative that includes the following elements:

· Description of the process

· Challenges the organization experiencing with the process

· Description on how you see the process being supported or improved by an HRIS system.  You may consider developing a second flow-chart to show how the process will improve but it is not required.