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1- Do you really believe that there is a type of literature called womens literature? Are you for or against this label, and why?

2- What is the poetry of Al-Mawthab…talk about it briefly?

3- What is the free poetry that appeared in the 1950s, and why is there controversy about it? Explain it briefly.

1- Who is Sitt al-Malik and what is her role in the Fatimid Caliphate?

2- Who built the Al-Azhar Mosque and for what purpose was it built, and what happened to it after the fall of the Fatimid state?

3- What is the relationship of the Ramadan lantern to the Fatimids?

4- What was the relationship of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Muizz Billah with Christians and Jews?

5- Who are the Assassins and what is their relationship with the Fatimid state?