Forced Marriages in Human Trafficking: Outline

Overview & Thesis

According to Burke (2018), human trafficking is a vice that has received increased attention in the global arena over the last two decades since it encompasses a violation of fundamental human rights. Human trafficking is strongly linked to government corruption, labor/immigration law violations, and organized criminal networks and local gangs. Human trafficking entails the harboring, transfer, or recruitment of individuals through force or deception without their consent. The vice is commonly tied to things like slavery, forced labor, and sexual exploitation. However, one action that is a form of human trafficking but rarely perceived as such is forced marriage. Vulnerable women and girls are often coerced and tricked into forced marriages. Such arrangements are often for financial gain and take advantage of people that are poor, are afraid, or lack education and empowerment. In these marriages, the women tend to experience forced servitude and diverse forms of abuse. In this context, the paper aims to explore the issue of forced marriages and analyze it as human trafficking and a form of slavery.


I. Introduction

A. Overview of the issue

B. Thesis statement

II. Body

A. Review of issues surrounding human trafficking

B. Review of issues surrounding forced marriage

C. Defining the link between human trafficking and forced marriage

D. Recommendations on short-term and long-term solutions

III. Conclusion

A. Restatement of thesis

B. Summary of findings