gender studies

After reading chapter 13 and chapter 14, of the book The Gendered Society sixth edition by Michael Kimmel answer the following questions.  Each answer must be at least 200 words or more. Use APA in-text citation – author’s last name and the year their work was published (Kimmel, 2017). Make sure to number your questions where I want to see the question first in BOLD then the answer underneath the question.

1. How does the male gaze affect body image for both men and women?
2. Explain how homophobia affects both gay and heterosexually identified men.
3. Identify three health differences between men and women.
Explain why they exist, based on gendered practices, and how we might make these differences disappear by targeting gender.
4. Explain the relationship between age, masculinity, and violence.
5. Consider the difference between rape-prone and rape-free societies. Explain the status of women in relation to reasons men use violence.
6. Describe the debate about abused husbands and the arguments for and against including men in our discussions of intimate partner, dating, and sexual violence.