Genogram Project

The genogram should include: I Have already completed the genogram…please see family info at the bottom that I have included on my genogram… I just need the 5-7 page completed


· your grandparents

· your parents, your parents’ siblings, and the siblings’ spouses

· you and your spouse, your siblings and their spouses, and your first cousins and spouses, and

· any descendants that you, your siblings, and your cousins have.

For each entry, include the highest educational degree or certification attained, the subject of the certifications or degrees, and the most recent form of employment.

To accompany the illustration, write a 5-7 paper ( APA format; cite relevant sources) with the following sections:


· Introduction – introduce your career genogram

· Entries – explain each entry on your genogram (who is included; discuss their educational attainments and/or certifications and careers)

· Self – describe your own history with the world of work and the generational influences that led to your current role(s); make sure to comment on or note any generational patterns you notice throughout your genogram

· Future Plans– outline your future career goals

· Conclusion- reflect on the process of creating the genogram; what did you learn; tie the components of the paper together

Family members are as follow

Grandparents: Harry Holiday and Marie Brown-Holiday

Uncles: Harry Holiday Jr, Timothy Holiday, Walter Holiday,

Aunts: Francis Holiday-Malone, Gina Holiday-Davis

My Mother: Shirley Holiday-Williams

1st cousins: Charlie Malone II, Lola Malone, Renita Holiday, Tiffany Holiday, Samuel Davis Jr., James Davis, Michelle Davis, Walter Holiday Jr.

2nd cousins: Charlie Malone III, Fred Malone, Jennifer Malone-Moore, Jacob Malone, Nikki Malone, Edward Holiday, Deja’ Murray, Ebony Holiday, Tamira Holiday, Samantha Davis, Daniel Davis

3rd cousins: Charles Malone, Brittany Malone, Leonard Moore Jr.

Grandfather: Harry Holiday

· Education: highest level was 8th grade

· Occupation was car mechanic/owned a mechanic shop for 28 years before dying

Grandmother: Marie Holiday-Williams

· Education: highest level was high school

· Occupation: before her death she worked as a medical records clerk for 33 years before retiring

*Grandparents had 6 children (3 boys and 3 Girls)


1. Francis Williams-Malone (daughter);

· Unknown Date of Birth; Died May 2004

· Highest level of education: High school graduate

· Occupation: Unit Clerk at a local hospital for 30 years upon retirement

· Married Charlie Malone Jr.

· Charlie dropout of highschool; he was a truck driver for 40 years until his death: Birthdate and death unknown

· Francis and Charlie have two children:

* Charlie Malone II: Bachelor degree in criminal justice; works as a sheriff officer for 22 years before retiring; Married Evelyn Malone and they have two children together; Evelyn was Bank teller for 30 years before retiring; she has a Bachelor’s degree in Business finance; The children are as follow: 1) Charlie Malone III: is a store manager for 28 years and still employed; he received his Bachelor degree in Business Administration; he married Carla Malone and they have two children together; Carla is a real estate agent and own her own company for 20 years and she has a Bachelor degree in Business administration/real estate; The children are as follow: Charles Malone and Brittany Malone; Charles Malone is a plant operator and received his Associate’s degree in Petroleum Technician and been working for 5 years and Brittany received her license for hairstylist; she been an hairstylist for 3 years. 2) Fred Malone has an highschool diploma and tragically died at the age of seventeen. 3) Jennifer Malone-Moore: Bachelor degree in Business and own and operate her daycare for 15 years; she married Leonard Moore Sr. and together they have one child; Leonard Moore received a certificate in Welding but currently is co owner of their daycare. Their child Leonard Moore is a senior in high school.

*Lola Malone: is a housekeeper at a local hospital for 23 years; she has a highschool diploma; she isn’t married but have two children; The children are as follow: Jacob Malone is incarcerated on a drug charge; Nikki Malone receive her associate degree in License Vocational Nurse; She has currently been working at a Nursing home facility for 8 years. Jacob or Nikki don’t have children

2. Harry Holiday (son): has a highschool diploma; worked as an offshore cook for 27 years until his death; he wasn’t married or have any children.

3. Timothy Holiday(son): not married; worked as a parole officer 27 years before his retirement; has a Bachelor degree in criminal justice; He has two daughters Renita Holiday and Tiffany Holiday; Renita has a highschool diploma and work as a cashier at a grocery store for 4 years; Renita is not married and has a son, Edward Holiday and a daughter, Deja’ Murray. Edward is a Junior in highschool and Deja’ is a Freshman in highschool; neither of them have children. Tiffany Holiday is a school bus driver for 10 years; she has an highschool diploma; she is not married and have two daughters, Tamira Holiday and Ebony Holiday. Tamira is a dental assistant for 4 years; she has a dental assistant certificate and has no children. Ebony is a kindergarten teacher for 6 years; she has her bachelor degree in education; neither of them have children

4. Gina Holiday-Davis (daughter): has a highschool diploma; worked as a school cafeteria manager for 30 years before retiring; she married Samuel Davis Sr and the two of them have three children, Samuel Davis, James Davis, and Michelle Davis; Samuel Davis was a car mechanic before his death; he wasn’t married and had one daughter Samantha Davis. Samantha is a Massage therapist and currently have her own massage business. She has an associates degree in general studies and a massage therapist certificate/license. She has no kids. James Davis has a highschool diploma and is disabled with no children; Michelle Davis is not married with one son Daniel Davis. Michelle has a Master’s degree in Nursing and have been a nurse for 18 years. She work at a local hospital.

5. Walter Holiday (son): is a chemical plant worker. He worked in the plants for 26 years before retiring. He currently own his own car detailing business. He has a highschool diploma and is not married. He has one son and his son has a Bachelor degree in Business and currently run the family car detailing business.

6. Shirley Williams-Fielding (daughter) My Mother): my mother received her Bachelor degree in Nursing. Before her death she was a registered nurse in the pediatric department which she worked for 33 years. She married Leonard Williams and the both of them had myself ( Eleanor Williams, Cindy Williams(my sister), and Leonard Williams Jr. Leonard Williams (my dad) was an offshore welder for 38 years before his death. He received a certificate in welding. Cindy has a bachelor degree in nursing and is currently a registered nurse at a local hospital for 15 years; she has no children and is not married. Leonard Jr. is not married and have no children. He has a associate’s degree in petrochemical and is currently working in the chemical plant. He has been working at the chemical plant for 13 years.

Eleanor Williams (self)

· Married my highschool sweet heart Clifton Vasquez; been married for 30 years; we got 3 children Katie Vasquez-Hill , Clifton Vaquez Jr. and Daniella Vasquez-Wafer. Katie Married John Hill and they have a daughter together; she double majored receiving her bachelor degree in criminal justice and sociology; she worked as parole officer for 7 years; after obtaining her Master’s degree in Mental health counseling she decided to resign from parole and is currently a Licensed Professional counselor. Clifton Jr. is a barber. He own his own barber shop for 6 years. He obtained his license/certificate in barber; he has a daughter who he shares custody with myself and my husband. Daniella received her bachelor degree in nursing. She’s currently a registered nurse and have been for 2 years. She is married to Jay Wafer and they have a son and daughter together. Jay is a currently a probation officer for 3 years. He has a Bachelor degree in criminal justice

· I (Eleanor) have a Bachelor degree in Education and is currently teaching third grade. I am currently obtaining my Master degree in Mental Health Counseling.

· Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. I became a tutor at our highschool and before then I use to tutor adults and children in the community. Before I became a teacher at a public school, I owned and operated my childcare center for thirteen years.

· What led me to obtaining my master degree in mental health counseling is my granddaughter. She was physical abused by her mother at the age of 5 weeks old. I didn’t understand why such a horrific thing had happened to such a precious human being who has just not long ago entered into the world we live in. She is a special needs child with a traumatic brain injury and a Intellectual disability. After my husband and I received joint custody of her with my son. I prayed and asked God to help me help someone. I asked God to guide my steps. I firm a believer of my faith and I believe that God led me to where I am at today. I believe that because my parents were great role models of helping others have a part in who I am today.

· My future plans is to work with individuals with a disability. My goal is to open a transitional facility for these individuals. I also would like to advocate for parents of children with a disability. Advocate for them by helping them find needed resources that will help with their needs and advocate for them when they need assistance with school meetings for their special needs child.