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GIS Project Proposal

 Three-page research papera.    Three pages of text, not counting references – should not be longer or shorterb.    Double spacedc.    One-inch marginsd.    No title pagee.    No abstractf.    Your name should be placed in the header area with page numbers

3.    Provide information about the business you selected (I chose a sport called Padel, it’ not very popular in USA. However, it’s growing rapidly. I didn’t find a business to talk about, please find any Padel business in USA to talk about)a.    Business nameb.    Information about the businessc.    Why you chose this business (Not available In Fresno/Clovis)

4.    List the type of layers you might need for your GIS analysis

5.    Explain why ArcGIS is a good method to locate a new business

6.    Give a brief description of your research and analysis schedule for the project

7.    Add references if you obtained information about your business from a website or other source