Global Economics

Main task

Submit a report that addresses the below two questions. The report should have a cover, table of contents and the references at the end. Citations along the text that indicate where the information used comes from are necessary.

Part 1: The USA has had a significant current account deficit for several decades now. Explain why this may be the case for the last two decades and explain the consequences for the USA of this current account deficit. 600 to 700 words to words excluding bibliography.

Part 2: Critically evaluate the effectiveness, consider and explain the pros and cons for the government, businesses and people of two policies that the USA could use to reduce its current account trade deficit. 1,050 to 1,400 words excluding bibliography.

  1. Other details:
    •  Font size 12
    •  Single-spaced
    •  Number of words: Minimum 1,650, maximum 2,100 without counting the cover, table of contents and
      All refencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.