Global Health Question

Current Events Articles and Summaries: 3 summaries at 20 points each = 60 points

Students must use the same drug topic for all of the current events and research articles for the semester. If a student chose marijuana as their topic, then all articles must pertain to the topic of marijuana. The subtopic does not have to be the same (i.e., law, treatment, research, etc). Once the student chooses the article, he/she must write a summary of the article. Please check with the instructor regarding your drug topic. There will be 3current events articles chosen throughout the semester. Students may use any website or resource for these current events articles. I highly recommend using the IUB libraries as a source for researching current events articles in the media. Students must write a summary of the article chosen. A rubric for the current events summaries is included. Your Turnitin match rate must be less than 15% – do not copy phrasing or use direct quotes from article must put into your own wording. The summary should be written in narrative form addressing each of the following areas:

Drug name

Why the article was written (this may be your opinion)

What population is being discussed

Who the drug is affecting (may be same as population being discussed, but likely more all should be clearly stated)

How all of the above mentioned are affected

Summary of the article

Why do you think this article is interesting

Why did you choose this article?

When writing the summaries, follow these formatting directions:

1. Separate title page consisting of the following: name, date, title of article, title of drug topic

2. Article summary 2 full pages double spaced minimum, 3 page, double spaced maximum- no header (you already did the title page, that would be redundant)

3. 12 point font

4. 1 inch margins

5. If pulling in information from other sources, be sure to cite those sources by using MLA, APA or other professional citation method.

6. Include a copy of the article or a link to the article with the summary (doesnt count toward 2 page written summary)