case analysis on Grolsch

Page limits:6-10, 1.5 lined spaced pages of text. You may embed up to 2 small simple tables or graphs of no more than ¼ page in the text. Larger more detailed graphs, tables or exhibits can be attached on no more than 3 additional appendix pages, maximum of 2 charts per page. “Cut and paste charts” from outside sources are not encouraged.

Subsequent to completing the document, prepare a one-page executive summary that highlights your findings and recommendations. This exec summary does not count towards the page limitation. Include a title page with your name

Avoid direct use of tool buzzwords and and associated charts…

Use original charts

Outside research encouraged

You can use “canned” tools if it supports your submission to your company, but avoid direct references

Questions to be examined for the case Analysis

Why and how did Grolsch globalize and how well was it performed prior to acquisition

Critique the MABA process

Why Did SAB Miller Buy them?

How can Grolsch create value with the acquisition by SAB Miller?

Recommendation for growth as part of SAB Miller?