Healthcare Marketing and Communication PlanHealthy Lifestyle Program for Bellevue Hospital

Hannah Cameron

Southern New Hampshire University

Dr. Vanassche

Key Ideas

A healthy lifestyle program for Bellevue Hospital.

This program will treat chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc. with a holistic approach.

Patients will learn about this program through doctor referrals and social media.

This program aligns with Bellevue Hospitals vision of creating a healthier life for all New Yorkers.

A healthy lifestyle program would be beneficial for Bellevue hospital because it incorporates a more holistic approach of healing. Many conditions can be treated with this program including hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic stress and sleep disorders. Patients would work with a variety of specialists to get to the root of their illness and focus heavily on healthy eating habits, daily exercise, and stress reduction techniques. The service is necessary because lifestyle diseases are increasing among the aging population causing deaths and disabilities (Fernandes et al., 2022). This program aligns with the vision of Bellevue Hospital to ensure all New Yorkers are living their healthiest lives. This program will be advertised in doctors' offices around New York as well as through a social media campaign.


Best Elements

Utilizing doctors' offices and walk in clinics around New York to reach a variety of people that struggle with chronic illness.

Group sessions for groups of people that struggle with the same illness.

A holistic approach will allow patients to eventually take less medication and manage their illness naturally.

There are many elements in this program that make it stand out to competitors. The use of doctors offices and walk in clinics will allow our campaign to target those patients that struggle the most with lifestyle conditions. Group sessions with patients that have the same illness will allow patients to discuss methods of healing that are helping the most, and ones that are not as effective. A holistic approach is very attractive to many patients because taking a variety of medication everyday is not realistic for many people. This may be due to gaps in insurance coverage or a busy schedule.



Ensuring that our program has distinct differences from others in surrounding hospitals.

Ensuring that patients are sticking to their regimen to achieve best results.

Navigating social media and using our resources to reach out in the best way to our target market.

Ensuring that our healthy lifestyle program has distinct differences than those of surrounding hospitals will set Bellevue Hospital apart from the others and bring in more clientele. One challenge that this program will constantly face is the uncertainty of if patients are following their regimen or not, and how to tailor their regimen to their specific lifestyle. Navigating social media and targeting the appropriate clientele will be challenging because of the ever-changing world of social media and the large variety of conditions this program will treat.


Ethical Considerations

Incorporating the ACHE and AMA code of ethics.

Ensuring patient confidentiality and HIPAA compliance.

Ensuring that information on campaign marketing is truthful and accurate.

Ethical considerations are very important with any campaign, especially when it comes to healthcare. Ensuring that the campaign is compliant with ACHE, AMA and HIPAA will be very important to the success of this program.



Fernandes, J. B., Teixeira, F., & Godinho, C. (2022). Personalized care and treatment compliance in chronic conditions. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 12(5), 737. 

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Thank You

Hannah Cameron




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