Headlines log

For the last (7) consecutive days (no more one article from 7 days ago), you will read the top headlines of at least three major newspapers (the three required subscriptions plus any others you might like).  

For each day you will pick the story about a political or social issue/problem that most interests you.  (If subsequent days offer follow-up stories, you may choose to continue with that series. For example, if you are concerned about national security, you might choose a story about the former and current presidents keeping classified documents in their homes, which will likely span several days.)  

  1. A full APA-style bibliographic citation for that article (see below for proper format for newspaper articles)
  2.  The credentials for the author (are they a regular columnist? what is their area of expertise [politics, economy, environment, etc.]? if it’s an opinion piece or a guest author, what are their credentials/expertise?) and why we should trust them.
  3.   A summary of the article (in your own words. Do not simply copy the blurb from the newsletter — I get them too).  I
  4.  Whether this is purely informative or if the author has a specific perspective and is making a persuasive argument (more likely for opinion pieces, but not only those).
  5.  Why you believe this would make a good topic for this class.