health care law discussion 6

Answer the Discussion Board board questions in paragraph form and reply to at least 1 classmate. 

Please include the response to the class mate just agree with something in general even if I dont have the post from a classmate just agree and add some stuff some of the info.

1. An automobile accident occurs in front of your office. You hear the crash and go to the door to see what has happened. One of the passengers in the car is walking around the street in a daze with blood dripping from a facial laceration. What do you do?

2. While sitting in the waiting room of a medical office, a patient falls when the chair gives way under him. The man is a very heavy person and chose to sit on a regular chair. There was a large chair available for him. The patient ends up in the hospital for observation and later for pneumonia related to his inactivity. Who is responsible for pneumonia?

1 reply in depth to a fellow classmate on the topics they select. (2 total posts per week) post 1 is worth 80 points, peer reply is worth 20 points.

1) Your response should be in-depth (3-4 paragraphs for the initial post and 2-3 paragraphs for follow-up) to fully develop your answer. Defend your position with concrete examples from the weekly content and real-life cases, if applicable.

2) APA citation is required.