Health & Medical Question

1.Chapter 11 – Healthcare Law

Based on the information presented in the chapter, please describe informed consent and discuss why it is important. In your own words, describe the risks to providers and to patients if consent is not given before a procedure? List at least 1 risk for each. In 2 paragraphs

2. Chapter 12 – Healthcare Ethics

Please review the different bioethical issues. Select the 1 issue that is most interesting to you, and answer the following question in 2-3 paragraphs

bioethical Issue selected: cloning

1- Describe the issue selected.

2- State YOUR opinion of the issue. In your opinion, is this practice ethical or unethical?

3- Identify one PRO side of the issue, and one CON side of the issue

4- If you were faced with a decision to use or not use one of these practices for yourself or a family member, what would you elect to do, and why? Be original, do not plagiarize use your own words