As the Baby Boomer generation ages, our nation is faced with issues surrounding long-term-care solutions. Many are unaware of how financing happens for this and are surprised at not only the cost, but the lack of coverage that exists. Our culture has shifted such that keeping our elderly at home is no longer a typical practice. Add to this the advancement of medical technology and care, many are living into advanced years but are not capable of living on their own. This is a health policy issue that is not yet solved and will continue to be a challenge until it is adequately addressed.

Case Assignment
After reviewing the background materials and doing additional research, draft a paper that discusses the challenges of long-term care. Be sure that your paper addresses the following:

Provide a thorough explanation of what entails long-term care.
What are the current mechanisms for paying for long-term care? Explain how they are or are not adequate.
What are financial and social differences of aging in place versus in a nursing home or other facility?
What are challenges to ensuring healthcare equity for the elderly?
Provide policy recommendations on how to best meet the long-term-care needs of an aging population and also ensure equitable care for them.