Healthcare Law and


Discussion Board Chp 8: Workplace Law and Ethics

Post based on the prompt below and respond to a classmate’s post.  The grading rubric in the syllabus describes the characteristics of robust posts earning full credit. 

Case: Harvert v. Unity Medical Ctr., 428N.W.257, Minn. Ct. App,. 1988.

Courts have ruled that an employee handbook IS an employment contract and must be followed by both employee and employer.  Look closely at employment contracts and the employee handbook; “The trial court granted Unity Hospital’s motion for summary judgment (immediate dismissal) on all claims, holding Unity’s employee handbook was sufficiently definite to form an employment contract, but Unity did not breach that contract by terminating appellant for theft. “

  1. Describe this case in 100+ words. 
  2. Address the following questions in 200+ words.

How do you feel about stealing food from the cafeteria and did the hospital overreact?   What would you have done if you were the supervisor?  What is your suggestion on what  should the hospital policy be?  Remember, when you set policy, you affect all future actions.