history 107

Discussion Board Goal:

–to give examples about the experiences of Chicana/Chicano/Chicanx and Latina/Latino/Latinx Americans

Discussion purpose:

–to express your thoughts and feelings about what youre witnessing

–to participate in collective witnessing where we share our thoughts and feelings but also as a group recognize the power dynamics present and start to see the historical trajectory of the treatment of the other

–to participate in community building (which aids in retention, engagement/interest)

Step-by-step prompt directions– PLEASE read all of the directions before completing the assignment.

  1. read the pieces on Chicana/Chicano/Chicanx and Latina/Latino/Latinx Americans
  2. Choose 3 things in the texts that resonate with you. You do not need to speak about each of the materials but choose 3 things from what you read/watched. By resonate I mean what surprises you, what stands out to you, what affects you in some way, what did you learn that you didnt know before, and/or what did you already know that was enhanced by something you read here. Be very specific about the 3 things and share the quotations that resonates with you and tells us why each of them resonates. Please post this by Monday, February 4th at 1159pm.
  3. Group B (Hist 107) respond to 2 different peoples posts. Respond to as whether you agree or disagree with something resonating with someone else (i.e. this resonates with me too because or this doesnt resonate with me because) or you can talk about how a quotation that someone pointed out resonates with you in a different way. Group B’s responses are due Tuesday, March 5th at 1159pm.


–Initial posts to the discussion board are due by Monday, March 4th at 11:59pm on Canvas here.

–Group B posts 2 responses to posts are due Tuesday, March 5th, at 11:59pm. **I accidentally put Group A AND B last discussion board, so if you are group B and you already posted a reply to someone else last week please do not post a reply this week.