History discussion discussion (210+ words including replies)

Participation in Discussions: First you have to answer thee discussion questions in each forum I posted. This will be your original or initial post. Then you must comment on one of your colleagues original posts in each forum.

Each of the initial (original) responses must be at least 120 words in length addressing straightforwardly the discussion question. Each of the responses (comments) to other students original posts must be at least 45 words in length and again must directly targeted your fellow students original response. You are expected to provide your comments in a way that shows you have read the book as well as the source and understood it. Moreover, the responses to the colleagues post should contain a new turn, brings up a new angel, or present a new piece of information. Simply saying I agree, disagree, or you think a comment is cool is not enough. Why you think so is a crucial part of this forum. Therefore, please do your reading before embarking on engaging with the discussion forum; otherwise, you cannot provide reasons to support your claims and justify your arguments. Although emojis (Emoticons) are allowed in the forum, please be aware that overusing them will not bring any grades for you since you are not offering a constructive contribution to the discussion by your words.

Primary Source: Baghdad Pact of 1955

Discussion questions: Who wrote this text and what are the goals of the author(s)? To what extent the goals described in this text have been achieved in the history of the Middle East in the Cold War era?