History Question

Choose 3 of the 5 options

Journal article, film, or cultural event related to Indigenous cultural groups.

One page / critique
1. Thesis: What is the purpose of the article, film, or event?

2. Summary: Summarize the authors purpose and main points/evidence cited.

3. Analysis: Who is the author or director of the article, film, or event? What is the point of view or bias of the article, film, or event and how was that expressed?

4. Critique: How well did the article, film or event achieve the purpose?

5. Opinion: What is your general opinion of article, film, or event?

THEN BRIEFLY write about The State of Indian Nations address is given each year after the President of the United States gives his address to congress each year.

Write your reaction to the address, what surprised you, what you liked …..etc. (this one is one paragraph)