1. Data Acquisition in the Metaverse: What type of data acquisition methodology is likely to be used for data of evidentiary value in the Metaverse forensics? What kind of constraints does the Metaverse pose to the traditional data acquisition methodologies? How does cloud forensics play into evidence collection

2. Hacking the Metaverse: What are some of the potential Metaverse specific hacks? 

3. Anti-forensics: Hackers often try to hide or destroy all traces of their illegal activities to hinder or prevent forensic investigation, which refers to as anti-forensics. Hackers employ anti-forensics techniques to make evidence collection difficult and compromise the accuracy of a digital forensics investigation. What are some of the anti-forensics techniques hackers can use in the Metaverse? How can digital forensic investigators overcome them?

4. The Darkverse: The Dark Web refers to the hidden and encrypted content that is not indexed by regular search engines. Access to the Dark Web requires specialized browsers such as the Tor browser that provide users with anonymity. Due to the nature of the Dark Web, criminals use it for a wide range of illegal activities. Similar to the Dark Web, the Darkverse is not going to be indexed and will exist in the Metaverse that will require specialized software to access. Considering the Darkverse will involve technologies like blockchain and require the pseudo-physical presence of the users, do you think it will enable new cybercrimes? Discuss in detail.

5. What are some of the unique criminal activities that can take place in the Darkverse?