Question One (300 Words)

If you are a Facebook user, scroll through your list of friends and consider how many of the relationships are personal and how many are impersonal.  What makes some of your relationships personal and what makes them impersonal?  What factors affect your appraisal of these relationships (for example: irreplaceable, disclosing, intrinsically rewarding, unique)?  How else do you communicate with these people besides Facebook (for example face to face, telephone, texting, other social media)?

If you do not use facebook, reflect upon your relationships in general and discuss the issues above.

Question two (300 Words)

Dezert Raven De Bara,

Watch the video above and explain the problems that resulted in the face to face communication.  What might other forms of mediated communication have been able to help resolve this problem?  Describe some incidents in your own life where mediated communication was better than face-to-face communication.  And then describe a situation where it is better to have face-to-face communication in your own life.