Homework questions

Following are some reflection questions to guide Discussion 4:

  • Why am I in or seeking a leadership position?
  • What is my leadership style? Does it place a heavy emphasis on controlling others?
  • Does the idea of serving others make me think that I am a weak leader?
  • What have I accomplished that could be my hallmark of service?
  • If I were to leave my organization today, how would I be missed? Have I left a “mark” in the organizations in which I’ve worked?
  • *What does commitment mean to me?
  • *Am I paying a price for the work I do? Is that price worth the rewards I am receiving? Do I enjoy my work? Do I have fun at work.
  • What does “paying dues” mean to me?
  • If my staff were to describe my facial expressions at work, what would they say?
  • *To what degree am I organized? Do I regularly run behind schedule? Do I keep a daily or weekly to-do list and accomplish most, if not all, of it?
  • How isolated have I become from direct personal feedback?
  • How well do I know myself?