How has your understanding of assessment shifted as a result of this course?…..

This task is to be the culmination of your efforts throughout the course. Please be sure to be reflective, honest, and thoughtful as you present your case.

1. How has your understanding of assessment shifted as a result of this course? Be specific. Include reference to specific assessments and how they may be used.

2. Describe your plan to enact and use your formative assessment. During this course you’ve created and revised a formative assessment in alignment with a specific set of skills you hope for students to achieve. How will that assessment help you as a teacher better understand your students, your teaching practices, and your ability to impact future pedagogy?

3. Describe the following types of learning targets and provide an example from within your classroom/from this course: knowledge, reasoning, skill, product, disposition.

4. What have you learned about creating formative assessments? How will you apply this knowledge?

Testing season can bring out the worst in everyonebut it doesn’t have to if you plan ahead. Heres some practical advice for beating  so you can overcome the pressure during the dreaded “testing season.”

Reference: Branham, L. & Hiltz, J. (2015, March 3). Seven ways to survive testing season. Education Week Teacher. Retrieved from . Describe how a student may be found eligible for special education services.

with a detailed program for stress reduction in school-age children.

Saltzman, A. & Goldin, P. (2008). Mindfulness stress reduction in school-age children. In L. Greco & S.C. Hayes (Eds.) Acceptance and mindfulness treatments for children and adolescents (pp139-161).Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.6. Why are observations important in the classroom?