Human Behavior-PPT for Chapter 6 and 7

Please find the attached PDF book and please make three PPT slides from Chapter 6 and 7.Attached PPT in that we need to work on PPT 6,7,8

PPT 6: Friedman to Schwab 

  • Overview of the intellectual feud between Milton Friedman and Klaus Schwab regarding the purpose of corporations.
  • Friedman’s advocacy for shareholder primacy versus Schwab’s push for a stakeholder-centric approach.

PPT 7:  The Rise of Wokeness 

  • The emergence of wokeness as a cultural and ideological force, particularly following the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Impact of generational demographics and societal shifts on the adoption of woke ideologies.

PPT 8:  Shackling Wokeness to Capitalism 

  • How corporations embraced wokeness for profit and social legitimacy, despite inherent differences.
  • The cynical arrangement between wokeness and capitalism, focusing on mutual exploitation.