Human Behavior-Week 3 Excercise


This exercise is designed to introduce students to The Composition Code, which is Jeannie Fulbrights formula for academic writing.  Your ability to perform well on this exercise will depend on your ability to follow directions and your openness to learning something new.  This exercise has a maximum value of 30 points extra credit.

Step 1.  Read Jeannie Fulbrights articles on The Composition Code and Academic Writing vs. Creative Writing.(Please See Attached 2 PDF’S)

Step 2.  Open and download the attached exercise worksheet file.(Please see attached word Document)

Step 3.  Open the Header in the worksheet document and, in the highlighted fields, replace the placeholders with your name and the due date for this assignment.  Then close the Header.

Step 3.  Answer the questions, below.

Step 4.  Save the exercise worksheet as a Word file and submit your worksheet in Blackboard for grading.