Human Behaviour-Application Paper 4

 Chapter 4 The Corporate CultureImpact and ImplicationsThe Reality Check on page 129 of our Business Ethics textbook asks the question, do codes of ethics make a difference.  The goal of this assignment is to help you gain a better understanding of your own thoughts and perspectives on whether codes of ethics make a difference.  Start by researching a business code of ethics or code of conduct for an organization you are familiar with.  For instance, I found a 22-page document for the Lowes Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and an 84-page document for the St Ambrose Universal Manual for Faculty & Administrative Staff.  Also, review the Ethics Code Guidelines in Table 4.2 on page 131 of our textbook.  For this application paper, you are to craft an academic paper that addresses the following:

  • Identify the organization whose code you found, and explain why you chose that organization.
  • Using the guidelines from Table 4.2, describe how well your selected code seems to adhere to the guidelines.  If there are points that you cannot asses, such as whether ideas for the code came from all levels of the organization, simply omit that/those items.
  • Offer your own analysis of the code you selected.  For instance, you might address whether you think the code is an accurate reflection of the culture for the organization.  What is your overall reaction: too short, too long, too general, too specific; and why?
  • Having read the organizations code, would you want to be an employee or a member of that organization?

Use the attached file (APA (7th Ed) Template for Student Papers) for your document.