Human Behaviour-Week 4


Q1)In Chapter 15, authors Mackey and Sisodia (2014) share their view that a conscious culture goes beyond a great place to work because it imbues the work with a deeper sense of meaning (p. 218).  In support of their view, they offer seven qualities of a conscious culture.

For your initial post this week, select two of the qualities that you think are essential for a conscious culture.  Explain what each quality means to you and why you selected it as essential.  Complete your post by offering an example of an organization that you think seems to have a conscious culture and explain how it is manifested or evident to you.(You can use below Posts are Reference how others are answering)

Q2) Please reply to the below Two Posts(1-2 Paragraphs)

Post 1:Taylor

 I am checking in at a +3 this week. I enjoyed the nice weather this weekend which makes me eager and excited for summer!

Concious cultures include seven characteristics: trust, accountability, caring, transparency, integrity, loyalty, and egalitarianism. The book uses the mnemonic TACTILE to remember the seven characteristics. Each of these characteristics is important for a concious culture. The two characteristics I think are essential for a conscious culture are transparency and caring. The world we live in is becoming increasingly more transparent. A trend that went around a couple of months ago was pay transparency. People were posting on social media all the details about what they were getting paid and how they budgeted that money. Later in the chapter, transparency during downsizing is discussed, and how companies need to be transparent and honest during the process to relieve as much anxiety as possible. Downsizing affects team morale and trust, being transparent can begin to repair those damages. However, complete transparency is neither required nor desirable. Love and care are a big part of chapter 15. “The human need to care and be cared for is an extremely powerful motivation often equal to and sometimes even exceeding the need to pursue one’s self-interest” (Mackey & Sisodia, 2014, p.219). Concious cultures not only care for their stakeholders and customers, but they also care for their employees, suppliers, community, and environment. Love and care are the strongest of all human traits.

Patagonia has a conscious culture. Patagonia is held accountable through its sustainability promise. Their products are made from recycled goods, they grow their own organic cotton, and they are committed to improving soil health. Patagonia also buys its products back from customers when they are done with them and resells them. These are just some of the ways Patagonia is trustworthy, accountable, caring, and transparent. Patagonia shows they care and prioritize their employees by offering parental leave, onsite daycare, and tuition reimbursement. 

Post 2: Jasmine

 I am check in at a +2 again.  I am excited for the many events I have coming up.  This weekend my daughter has a dance competition in Chicago and she will be performing a solo.  Then my sister graduates with her bachelors on May 11, so I will be spending some much needed time with family.

The two qualities that I chose were trust and caring.  Trust is essential because I need to know and trust that my voice will be heard and that I can know my leader will be able to handle the problems that I share or that in a tough situation, he/she will be able to adapt and not make irrational decisions that will harm mine or my coworkers future.

I chose caring because we need more businesses that care for their employees and their well being.  Companies need to be understanding that people are human and their boundaries need to be respected.  One should not have to sacrifice their own values or time and well being to adhere to leaderships wants.

If we are being completely transparent I have not yet worked for a company that truly and GENUINELY embodies that.  I think that the school I work for is making small strides to become yet but leadership has to be willing to get on the balcony and truly see things from other perspectives and not just when myself or someone else brings it ot their attention.  My hopeis that this school really embodies it and then the teaching staff will follow.