Human Computer Interaction

Project Requirements: (5 marks)

1-[Selection and Overview] Find an example of an Interface that you believe it is a Hall of Shame User Interface (Bad Design of UI). The UI can be for anything that involves human interactions to perform a task; from webpages, apps, kiosks to appliance controls, gadgets, or toys.

a.a brief description that describes the UI,

b.photographs or screenshots.

2-[Reasoning] Justify your choice with design and usability principles that were covered in this course or that you learned elsewhere; e.g. Nielsen’s heuristics.

a.a justification for why it belongs in the “Hall of fame/shame’ (3-4 concise bullets referring to design principles).

3-[User Requirements] Use an appropriate method to collect the User Requirements (a sample of 3 users only) to improve the chosen UI.

a.Interviews, observations or others,

b.Describe your targeted user group and other stakeholders for your design,

c.Describe your particular participants: give some details of their background, the environment where you observed their practice (if applicaple),… etc.

4-[Sketches] Based on the results of the user requirements, sketch initial proposed designs to the improved chosen UI. Sketch only key aspects needed to illustrate the functionality (e.g., if you were to design a website sketch three to five screenshots for each of your three design ideas). These should be rough sketches, including illustrations of their relations (e.g., arrows showing relationships between screens), and are done on paper and then scanned (do not create or recreate them in a drawing package)

5-[Storyboards] Create a storyboard for your design involving its use in one of your tasks. Your storyboard should set up the context of use and go through the steps of the task highlighting the functionality of the design.

Project Instructions:

  • Students are requested to comply with all JUC examination rules and regulations strictly.
  • You must work with your same Project Group.
  • Write the title of the Assignment 2 and your IDs as the name of the file.
  • The Assignment 2 should have a cover page with the students names and IDs. Files submitted without this information will simply be discarded.
  • Make sure your writing is easy to read: ensure it is clear and concise, use section headings, include images in the body of the write-up with appropriate figure numbers and captions, refer to the figures in the body of your text, and check for grammar errors.
  • You can refer to the textbook of this course and it is highly recommended to refer to other academic and credible references.
  • The work should be your own, copying from students or other resources will result in ZERO marks. Check its percentage at SafeAssign while submission (maximum of 20% is tolerated).
  • This Project must be submitted ONLY on Blackboard.
  • Email submission will not be accepted.
  • Respond to ALL Requirments by the best comprehensive responses.
  • You are advised to make your work clear and well-presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation.
  • Late submission will result in LOSING marks.
  • Use Times New Roman font 12 size and double-spaced for the whole document.