human resource–leadershipcase study

Summary of Assessment Method: Individual 2,000 words written report + a 500-word executive summary, evaluating a strategy for motivating and engaging workers in an organization, based on a global business case study.


Students will prepare an assignment that evaluates a strategy for motivating and engaging workers in an organization in the business case study assigned individually.


The Business Case Resolution (100% of total grade)


The Business Case Resolution should have no more than a 500-word executive summary and a 2000-word main text.


It should comprise of the following key components:


I) A 500-word Executive Summary

II) Report:


Part 1. Selected HR practice related to leading success through human capital: critical literature review of a selected a selected Leadership topic, Organizational Behaviour (OB) aspect, a specific Human Resource (HR) management practice, for example Dysfunctional Leadership, such an OB aspect as Stress or Motivation, or such an HR practice as Recruitment, Selection, Training, Appraisal, Development, Compensation, Employee Relations, or alike (1200 words minimum).


Part 2. Critical analysis of the business case (500 words minimum)

Part 2.a) Business case summary (200 words minimum).

Part 2.b) Identification of the strategy for motivating and engaging workers in an organization (50 words minimum).

Part 2.d) Description of a selected HR practice for leading success through human capital and evaluation of its relevance/effectiveness; justification of such evaluation by referring to the case study and the literature reviewed (250 words minimum).

Part 3: Global conclusion about the effectiveness of current strategy for motivating and engaging workers (300 words minimum)


d. Reference list, using at least 5 literature sources (using only English based literature from credible sources, such as a book chapter, a professional association review, or an academic journal article)


The coursework should follow the assessment brief. Please ensure that you do cite correctly the adequate number of references and follow the below guidelines in order not to lose any points for presentation elements unnecessarily:

1.       Font size 12, Times New Roman

2.       Spacing 1.5

3.       Names of all the students including their student numbers need to appear on the cover page

4.       Word count needs to appear on the cover page

5.       A contents page also needs to be included

6.       Main text pages need to be numbered and the topic also included in a footnote

7.       Word count should not include cover page, contents page, appendices, reference list, only the main text

8.    Use a variety of credible and academic references and strictly follow the Harvard referencing style

9.       Ensure that you do utilize the e-resources available to you such as Emerald, EBSCO etc.