Human Resource

In your quarterly executive meeting, The CEO just announced plans to expand the business a minimum of 30% in the next 3-5 years. 
In your current review of the organization, you have identified gaps in productivity, innovativeness, profitability (or cost effectiveness), and employee morale. All of which are much lower than they should be to meet todays competitive and social challenges. You are now even more concerned after your quarterly meeting and especially with plans of future growth of 30%. 

With the knowledge gained, you are tasked with developing a Strategic HR Plan by formulating gap strategies and organizational policies to support and align with the strategic direction of the organization. Your Strategic HR Plan will be presented to the Board of Directors in the next quarterly meeting. 

The strategies that you choose to address the gaps in your analysis may affect any of these areas within the organization:
   Job/Work Design
   Performance Management
   Employee Relations
   Safety and Health
   Workforce Diversity

HR Policies that you could choose from to include in your Strategic HR Plan could be in any of these areas:
   Hiring Practices
   At-Will Employment
   Conduct Policies 
   Work Processes
   Leave Policies
   Training & Development
   Work Environment & Safety
   Disciplinary/Termination Policies
   Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment