Human-Week 3 paper

 Application Paper AssignmentChapter 3 Philosophical Ethics and BusinessAfter reading Business Ethics Chapter 3 and reviewing the Guidelines for Application Papers, use the Reality Check (Virtues in Everyday Language) on page 95 and the Reality Check (Where Do Virtues Come From?) on page 98 to craft an academic paper that addresses the following:

  • What are two or three virtues (character traits) that you think are most important in our personal lives and in our business affairs, and explain why you selected those?
  • In your opinion, how are character traits formed and conditioned?  Can virtue be taught?  Why or why not?
  • What is/are the source(s) of your virtues?  How did you acquire them, and how have they developed over time?

Use the attached file (APA (7th Ed) Template for Student Papers) for your document.