Humanities Question

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to synthesize the information throughout the semester and apply it to a film NOT seen for class. For this paper you will take an outside film approved by your instructor and analyze it according to ONE lens (race, class, gender OR sexual orientation), using a minimum of three anthology articles to support your claims.ome general pointers: (I Attached an outline below in the files

  • Write only in present tense.
  • Double space your paper.
  • Use character names when discussing character actions and actor names, not the actor’s real name (I.E., if you’re writing about Threat Level Midnight, the main character is Michael Scarn, NOT Michael Scott.)
  • Always cite author ideas as well as quotations.
  • ALWAYS include a works cited page.
  • Italicize all film titles.
  • You will be docked points for every day it is late. All essays will be submitted through Turnitin to check for plagiarism, so dont forget to cite your work where necessary.
  • Since each short essay is only 500-750 words, (1500 for the Capstone paper) I expect most of the writing to be your own. However, a Works Cited page is REQUIRED. You must cite all sources, including Belton, the required articles, and the movie. (Refer to MLA link for further reference).
  • No Sources are allowed other than those assigned for the course.
  • If you do not meet the minimum word requirement, the highest possible grade is the percentage of your word count. (For example, if the minimum is 500 and you write 400 the highest grade you could get – if the paper was perfect – would be 80%).