Humanities Task

In this task, you will write an analysis of one work (suggested length of 36 paragraphs total). Choose one work from one time period.

SELECTION: Classical Period: Literature/Philosophy: 1. Sappho, “Charaxos and Larichos,” ca. 7th century B.C.E. (poem).


Once you have selected one of the accepted works from the list provided in the Task Works found in the web links section, you will research the work, the life of the author/artist, and the period. You will then be ready to create your analysis. This process of analysis will require you to discuss the events or innovations that define the historical period when the work was created, analyze a theme or stylistic characteristic of the period that is reflected in the work, and finally analyze the works or authors/artists/composers contribution to the humanities.

A.  Analyze the accepted work selected from the Task Works found in the web links section by doing the following:

1.  Describe the historical events or innovations that characterize the period in which the work was created (suggested length of 12 paragraphs).

2.  Analyze how this work reflects a theme or stylistic characteristic from its period (suggested length of 12 paragraphs).

3.  Analyze the works or authors/artists/composers contributions to the humanities (suggested length of 12 paragraphs).