· Review the FAQ document in the Learning Resources and focus on the questions about implementing and critiquing strategies for a community needs assessment.

· Reflect on the strategies that you prioritized in Week 4 for your community needs assessment plan.

· Identify three strategies that you would implement first to address the social problem.

· Consider the steps you would take to implement each strategy and the data that you would use to inform your decisions.

· Reflect on how you would critique the strategies, both in terms of how well the strategy addresses the problem and how well it has been implemented. 


Submit a 3-page paper (not including a title page or reference page) that addresses the following components of your Final Project.

· Refine the Problem Statement. Refine your problem statement, based on what you learned from your peers, your Instructor, and/or the Learning Resources this week and in previous weeks.

· Next Steps. Develop a plan to carry out the top three strategies for addressing the problem using what you have learned about social change, prevention, advocacy, and consultation. Be sure to address the following in your plan:

· Identify Strategies to Address the Problem. Identify the three strategies that you would carry out. Be sure to refer to the Prioritizing Strategies worksheet that you completed earlier in the course.

· Carry Out the Strategies. Explain the steps that you would take to carry out the top three strategies to address the problem.

· Identify Data to Carry Out the Strategies. Explain what type of data you would need to make decisions about how to implement the strategies (e.g., data to support programs, changes in service delivery, or policy change). Give two examples.

· Critique the Strategies. Explain how you would critique the effectiveness of the proposed strategies. 


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