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Based on your current knowledge of critical thinking, consider your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to being or becoming a critical thinker.

Write 200250 words using the following discussion prompts to guide the content of your initial post. Then, respond to at least two of your peers posts.

Discussion Prompts

  • Identify 23 strengths that will contribute to your success as a critical thinker. How will these strengths contribute to your success as a critical thinker within the medical field? Explain.
  • Identify 23 areas you would like to improve to become a more successful critical thinker. Why did you select these areas? Explain.
  • How do you think identifying your strengths and weaknesses will contribute to your success in becoming a critical thinker as a result of this course?
  • How will become a critical thinker assist you in applying the nursing process?