IHP 525 Milestone Two Table

Information on data set to include in your description

Which variables are you investigating?

Identify each variable as continuous/quantitative or categorical, and list the descriptive statistics that are used to describe that type of variable.

Compute these descriptive statistics for the variables you are investigating and present them here or in a separate table below.

What does each statistic tell you about the data for the given variable?

A. Assess the collected data. Use this section to lay out the source, parameters, and any limitations of your data. Specifically, you should: 1. Describe the key features of your data set. This is where you want to say where the data came

from—describe the sample and how the data was collected. Next, define each of your variables—what do they measure about the subjects? Then describe the distribution of each of your variables using the descriptive statistics you computed. Be sure to assess how these features affect your analysis.

2. Analyze the limitations of the data set you were provided and how those limitations might affect your findings. Justify your response.

  • IHP 525 Milestone Two Table