III. Leadership Analysis Project

III. Leadership Analysis Project Due 6/17

Students will be required to write a 5-page paper analyzing at least 5 articles found in the readings for our class. The paper should focus on the strategic and leadership principles discussed and should integrate at least 5 concepts discussed in the Quinn book. This should be an integrative paper that demonstrates the key concepts you have learned and how you can apply these concepts to the current consulting project you are working on.

The three major sections of this paper should include:

1) analysis of 5 concepts found in the Quinn book that relate to principles of strategy and leadership,

2) analysis of 5 articles from class material discussing the relationship between the major findings and Quinns concepts you selected and,

3) a discussion of how these principles you have analyzed can be related to the projects you are working on.

You should list references and use in-text citations.

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I will add an example of the same homework my friend did it before