Importance and Influences of Personal Goal Setting

Directions Read Importance and Influences of Personal Goal Setting. Answer the following question in relation to goal setting. Answer must be in short es format, minimum of 500 words. 

Everyone has dreams. These dreams may be for a college degree, a better life for loved ones, financial security, or the acquisition of material items such as a new car or home. Goal setting is the first step toward turning a dream into a reality. This important process provides focus and identifies specific steps that need to be accomplished. It is also a common practice used by successful individuals and organizations. A goal is a target. Think of a goal as a reward at the top of a ladder. To reach a goal, you need to progress up each step of the ladder. Each step contributes to the achievement of a goal and supports your personal values. Goals help you decide what you want in your future, increase self-concept, and help overcome procrastination, fear, and failure.


Share one goal you have set for this class. What are  the steps youre taking to achieve this goal?